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Instructional DVDs

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Jigging & Rigging DVD  

Jigging and Rigging

The most popular yet least-understood techniques in walleye fishing receive a fresh look from one of the country's top walleye pros. In this segment, Johnnie Candle completely dissects Jigging & Rigging for walleyes in lakes and streams. The level of detail is phenomenal; for instance, do you know when to use scented soft plastics vs. live bait? Why should you use different rods for vertical jigging and pitching-and what should you look for in each? What are the best ways to convert short strikers to keepers? Why is the drop-shot rig the deadliest new technique in walleye fishing, and how can you modify it to increase its effectiveness?

You'll find the answers to these and many more questions in this ultra-informative, fun-to-watch DVD. Explore little-known secrets of the pros. Learn what to do in any situation. Regardless of your experience, you'll come away with dozens of new ideas to help you put more walleyes in the boat. 97 minutes.


Spinners & Cranks DVD




Spinners and Cranks

Master these key seasonal techniques, says walleye guru Johnnie Candle, and you're well on your way to consistent walleye success. This remarkable "live" session delivers an exhaustive, up-close look at when, where and how to fish spinner rigs and crankbaits in your favorite waters. Johnnie's thousands of hours on the water include countless 100-fish days and eye-popping limits taken using the strategies he discusses here. Along the way he provides exciting, never-before-revealed details on gear selection and fine-tuning your approach to help you pinpoint the best patterns for any water, any day, any conditions.

Which blade style should you choose today? How do different bottom bouncers affect the action of your spinner harness, and how you can use that knowledge to trigger more bites? You'll find the answers here. Can you super-tune a crankbait? What one hardbait will work everywhere walleyes swim, regardless of local preferences? So little time, so much great info―take the short course to walleye mastery. We guarantee you'll love every intensive minute! 90 minutes.