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Busy is an understatement and you will see that from the pictures below. Guiding nearly everyday and a few tournaments mixed in have kept me from updating my reports.

The good thing is fishing is fantastic. Walleye can be caught right now anyway you want to catch them. Jigging and bobber fishing with jigs and leeches is working very well in depth of 12 to 28 feet of water. Smaller pieces of rocky structure are the best places to try these techniques. Ft Totten Bay and the Flats are the two places that seem to have the best structure for this.

If you want to troll spinners or crank baits, look for longer stretches of good hard bottom. Flooded roads in the flats and Pelican Lake are great spots for this as well as any other longer stretch of rocky or gravelly bottom. Depths from 12 to 30 feet are holding fish. It is different every day but it does not take long to find them. Weed edges are also holding fish in the 8 to 10 foot range. Hammered gold and silver spinners tipped with fire tiger or white gulp tails have been very good for me. #7 and #9 Flicker Shads in Perch, White, and Chrome colors are working well too.

The casting bite is not as strong as some year, but it is still there. Finding the right weeds is the toughest part. If you can find cabbage with no other "junk" weeds around it there will be walleye there. #6 Flicker Shads have been my best for casting to these edges. They cast well and dive quickly to the proper depth for the edge of most weed beds.

The best fishing of the year is just around the corner. As the days get shorter, the fishing is getting better. Once fall gets here, hold on tight.

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Devils Lake is producing at a level that has never been seen before. Limits are coming by noon most days and catches are 50 to 100 fish per day.

Walleye fishing is happening nearly everywhere on the lake. Shallow weeds are holding nice fish that can be caught casting crank baits like #5 Flicker Shads and #7 Eskos near and over the weed tops. Perch colors have been the best. If casting is not your thing, bottom bouncers and spinners are working too. No need for live bait, a #3 silver or gold Indiana spinner and a piece of Gulp is all you need. My best two combinations are gold spinners with fire tiger Gulp minnows and silver spinners with white minnows. Troll these on flooded roads or just outside the weed beds and you should have no problem catching some nice sized walleye.

There are some deeper fish to be caught too. Vertical jigging the deeper rocky parts of the lake is just starting to produce nice catches of walleye.

The pike fishing is slowing as the water is heating up, but they are still around. Focus on deeper, cooler water or stay near the thickest weed beds.

The white bass have been elusive for me this year, but wind blown, rocky shorelines are producing a few here and there.

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Now is the time to get to Devils Lake. Fishing is not the best I have ever seen, but it is pretty darn close. We finally got some nice stable weather. Water temps are in the mid-60s. The fish are biting.

Nearly all the fishing activity is happening away from the main lake. Back bays that are shallower and warmer are holding most of the fish. Look for a bit of color in the water and play the wind if there is any. The fun part right now is that all the different species are mixed together quite often.

The walleye fishing is solid. Many techniques are working. Casting #5 Flicker Shad and Shad Raps or #7 Shallow Shad Raps is producing well most days. Perch Colors and Whites are the best, but experiment. If the fish do not seem to want to chase, try a jig and soft plastic. My go to is the 3.5 inch Ripple Shad. Hot Perch, Pink Shine and Pearl have been my best colors. Rig it on a ¼ oz jig and fish it near the bottom. Look for areas with emerging green vegetation. The cat tails are finally greening up and that is where most of the fish are.

If casting and reeling is not your game, then try slip-bobbers near the same weed edges. Anchor the boat outside the weeds and let them drift to the edge. Water depths vary from3 to 7 feet of water.

The spinner bite is just starting. I have not personally tried it yet, but it is not hard to see the success folks are having with the technique. Same areas, just move out from the weeks 40 to 100 yds.

If you want hot pike action, it seems the same areas are producing but look for a bit cleaner water. Pike are sight feeders and do not mind the gin clear stuff. Up size your lures to keep the smaller pike away. Large bass style jerk baits have produced some nice pike for us this week.

I finally ran into some nice white bass too. Small cranks and jigs worked well. Windy shorelines are what you need to concentrate these battlers.

Areas of the lake that have been good for me the past several day include East Devils Lake near the natural outlet, Jerusalem Coulee, Dead Cow Bay, Black Tiger Bay, New Mill Bay, Howard's Farm, Doc Hagen's, The Pepsi Barn in 6 Mile, and Golden Pond. I am sure there are others that are producing too.

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My sincerest apologies for not reporting sooner; my time on Devils Lake has been limited due to weather and a few fishing tournaments.

The weather finally stabilized and the fishing got incredibly good incredibly fast.

As many are aware, Devils Lake and spring mean some of the best Northern Pike fishing you can ever find. This year is no exception. The pike are literally everywhere you go if you are in water less than 10 feet deep. Casting your favorite, plugs, spinners, spoons, or jigs will catch them. It seems larger baits are attracting larger pike.

The White Bass are just starting to get fired up. We caught one today that was milking. I am not sure if that means they are just starting to spawn or just finishing up. Either way, it is the time to find them now. Giant schools of giant fish. White twisters tails on a jig is about all you need to catch em.

The Walleye bite is as good as I have seen it for this early in a lot of years. There are several patterns working right now. Shallow wind swept shore lines are holding a ton of fish. Look for the warmest water you can find and try to find water with a little color to it. Many of the shallows are crystal clear. They are holding fish, but catching them can be difficult. Casting #5 Flicker Shads in Flashy Perch, Fire Tiger, and Purple Tiger or casting 3 and 3.5 inch Ripple Shads in similar colors are producing very well. Walleye are also being caught on slip bobbers in 7 to 10 feet of water. Again, warmer, off colored water is the key. Jigs tipped with leeches are preferred. If there is a bit of wind, find areas with current and vertical jig the current seams. Jiggin Raps have taken over for this situation.

Some areas of the lake that are producing include Pelican Lake, Howard's Bay, New Mill Bay, North 6 Mile, and all of the bridges.

Stay tuned as reports will be much more common now that I am home and on the water more often.

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Things just keep on keepin' on here at Devils Lake, ND. The fishing is one of them. Limits are the rule not the exception and there are some bigger fish to be had as well.

There are a few patterns that are working right now. First is to find a flooded road anywhere in Devils Lake and troll a #3 Indiana or Colorado Spinner down it. I have been using 2 oz bottom bouncers in all depths and tipping with a 3 inch Gulp! Minnow or Curly Tail Grub. Gold, Silver, White and Fire Tiger spinners with matching Gulp! has been the ticket. Most of these fish are in the 12 to 18 inch range.

The next pattern is to find the old lake shore line. In most of Devils Lake, that is 24 to 28 feet of water, in some of the newer parts of the lake the depth could be shallower. This is an area of exposed rock and gravel created form the consistent erosion over the years with Devils Lake at that same level. It was created before the flooding. There are many walleye relating to this old lake shoreline. The same spinners mentioned above are working here too. This is a great way to catch 100 walleye in a day if you want to try.

The last pattern is to cast crank baits and swim baits or put a bobber and a leach next to a weed edge. Depths can be from 4 to 8 feet of water. The wind blowing in is better, but not always necessary. Eskos, Flicker Shads, Berkley Ripple Shads and Shallow Shad Raps have a caught fish in the past weeks. Anything white or perch colored will do the trick. Many of these fish are a bit larger, but the bites are less frequent.

The Pike and White Bass can literally show up at any time. I have seen them as deep as 25 feet and as shallow as 3 feet. One never knows where they will be. They are all eating the same food, so the fish can be mixed together quite often.

If you thought about coming to Devils Lake, you just need to get here. The fishing will take care of itself.

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Game on doesn't even do it justice right now. The walleye bite is torrid on Devils Lake. I am not making this up when I say it, but you cannot do it wrong right now.

In the past week I have caught fish from 4 feet deep to 30 feet deep an anywhere in between. Casting to shallow rocky shores or weeds is producing when the wind is blowing in is working. Trolling spinners and Gulp! or crankbaits along flooded road beds and deeper weed edges is working. Bobber fishing humps, bumps and rock piles between 10 and 25 feet of water is catching. Trolling spinners and crankbaits on the old lake shoreline in 25 to 30 feet of water is working too. Literally everywhere you go you can catch a walleye.

Baits that have been hot for me are #3 Indiana spinner blades in white, firetiger, gold or silver tipped with a Gulp! Curly Tail grub or a Gulp 3" Minnow. #5 and #6 Flicker Shads in Flashy Perch, Mouse, Ghost White, and Firetiger. 1/8 to ¼ oz chartreuse jigs with a leech or a plain red hook below a float should not be ruled out either.

There is no best area so I will just list a few. Golden Pond, the Golden Highway, Hog Bay, Patience Point, Ft Totten Bay, Military Point, Strommes Addition, Mission Road, and the list goes on and on.

Do yourself a favor and just get here. The pike are still mixed on with the walleye a bit and a few good ones are caught each day. The white bass have gotten scarce but I have not honestly tried to catch one for a while. Who cares when the walleye are biting so well?

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I was only able to fish two days between my last tournament and a trip to the Stratos Boats dealer meeting, but they were two pretty incredible days.

Here is what I learned in those two days as well as some information from my network here on Devils Lake.

Walleye fishing is absolutely nuts. Just about any depth and any technique is working. If you want to troll crankbaits you can. If you want to cast jigs, you can. If you like bobber fishing, that is working too. Spinners, easy money. It is that time here. Everything is working just about anywhere on the lake. If you want to catch 100 walleye in a day, now is the time. It is honestly that good.

Spinners in Gold, White or Fire Tiger with a leech, half a crawler or a piece of Gulp! on them are working very well. Pull them along weed edges, flooded roads or along main lake structure and hold on. 1.1 to 1.5 is the best speed lately.

Crankbaits like #5 and #6 Flicker Shads in the same colors are working well in similar areas. Troll about 2 mph. Use lead core if the depths are not possible with FireLine.

Jigs with leeches below bobbers or verticle jigging in the deeper water of the main lake is also producing

Areas to try, sorry for the long list: The area west of Old Hwy 281, structure in Pelican Lake, Golden Pond, Don's Bay, The Golden Hwy, Hog Bay, Ft Totten area, Strommes, Black Tiger Bay.

The pike are mixed in with the walleye and seem to prefer crankbaits right now. I did not catch a white bass in the two days I fished so no update there.

My August bookings are coming around, but I did have a cancellation and have a few really good dates open still. Don't forget about my new park model for your lodging needs as well.





This report is long overdue. Too many tournaments during the month of June. The good thing is that Devils Lake is as good right now as I have ever seen it. Anywhere and anyway you want them, you have them.

The Walleye bite is ridiculous. Many patterns right now are all working. Spinners and crawlers or Gulp! trolled along weed edges in 11 to 14 feet of water is a no brainer right now. It may take a bit to find a school of feeding fish, but when you do, just stay on them. Limits are literally coming in minutes, not hours. Gold and Perch patterns have been the best followed by Silvers and Whites. Some of the best areas are New Mill Bay, Golden Pond, RR Tracks in Pelican Lake, and Brown's Bay to the east.

If bobbers are your ticket, try the same areas. Troll spinners till you find them, then bobber up and hold on. The fish are taking leaches and crawlers under the floats. A small jig seems to be better, but there are days when a plain red hook does the trick too.

The larger fish seem to be coming by casting crankbaits or jigs tipped with plastic. For me the #5 and #6 Flicker Shad has been hard to beat. I may have a new favorite color. The Pro Series Flashy Perch is the best looking perch bait I have ever seen. For jigs, try a 1/4oz head with a 3.5 inch Berkley Ripple Shad in Firetiger. Guarantee you will not go home empty handed. Same areas are holding the bigger fish, they just seem to be closer to the weed edges.

The pike are mixed in with the walleye still, but not nearly in the numbers as a month ago. I did have a great day of white bass fishing in a very small bay on the far east end of East Devils Lake. The fish had the bait corralled in a cat tail lined bay and were chowing down. It was non-stop for hours.

I will do my best to keep up to date the rest of the summer. Just on derby in July and one in August. Thanks for checking. I still have openings for August and September. Late summer looks to be shaping up nicely.


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Things are looking up here at Devils Lake. The weather got nice and the fishing is getting much better. It is not brain dead easy yet, but much better than before.

The walleye bit is getting better by the day. The problem is not just finding fish, but the right conditions. The water on Devils Lake in many areas is very clear. Too clear. Looking for water with a little color in it is the key to catching numbers of walleye.

The fish are in nearly every depth of water and can be caught in a variety of ways. We have caught fish in 2 to 5 feet of water casting Flicker Shads and Ripple Shads. We have caught in 6 to 12 feet of water on bobbers and leeches. We have caught in 20 feet of water pulling spinners with crawlers or Gulp!. It is up to you. Just remember to look at the conditions closely and do what makes the most sense.

Areas with fish have been Brown's Bay and the area near the Outlet in East Devils Lake. New Mill Bay, Holly Bay, Howards Farm, Golden Pond, and Round Lake. I have not been to Pelican Lake for about a week, but I am sure the fish are biting there too. They always do.

The pike are still shallow. Casting crankbaits or soft plastics is very effective. A good friend of mine got on some pike fly fishing last week as well. What a blast that would be.

I did not run into any white bass the past week. I am sure they are cruising the shallow rocky shorelines. Look for the wind-blown rocks and the bass will be close by.


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Memorial Day brought some incredible weather and some incredible fishing. I finally got a break from traveling and hit the water fairly hard this week. Guiding for me is going full guns so reports should be fairly regular.

The great thing about Devils Lake this time of year is that everything can be found shallow. You never know on any given cast what will come in on the end of your line. For non-stop action, think shallow and casting. Pick out your favorite size 5 crank bait or a 3.5 to 4 inch soft plastic swim bait on a 1/4oz jig and hold on tight.

The Walleye, Pike, and White Bass are all biting well when you find them. The Pike are literally everywhere. You can catch 100 in a day if you really want to. If there is a good time of the year to keep pike, now is it. The water is clean and cold. The fish are very tasty and not that hard to clean. Casting to any shoreline will provide pike.

The White Bass action was hot in Brown's Bay for me on Friday. Literally cast after cast for over an hour. All sizes up to 18 inches. Again, #5 Flicker Shad and 3.5 inch Ripple Shad were the go to baits. Just cast and reel.

The walleye are always a bit tricky this time of year. The best walleye action has been in the bays that are away from the main lake. It seems if you can find 60 degree water you will find the eyes. Pitch the above lures toward the old cattail edges has produced some nice sized fish with the biggest of the week being 27 inches long. We had better luck with numbers by fishing similar areas with slip bobbers and leaches. Again, warm water is the key right now.

There is also a good walleye bite vertical jigging near any of the bridges in the lake. This is best with some current flowing under the bridge. Look for the current seams and drop your favorite jigging lure over the side of the boat. The Jigging Rap continues to be hot here on Devils Lake.

Fishing will get better and better with rising water temps over the next several weeks. Now is the time. Good luck.


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The weather heats up and so does the fishing. I have not posted many new reports because they are getting a bit boring.

The walleye are still hanging out in very predictable spots. The bite I have enjoyed the most would be on the weed edges. Find a weed bed, put on a bottom bouncer over an ounce, troll the outside edge with a hammered god spinner and your favorite Gulp! on the hook and hold on. Not all weed beds have the same numbers or size fish, but they do all seem to have fish. There is not one part of the lake that is better than others either. It is happening literally everywhere.

The next bite that is also rock solid would be the deeper fish. The old lake shoreline is now 25 to 30 feet deep. There are walleye using it like we use HWY 2 to get to Grand Forks. Get the same spinner and Gulp! on the bottom in the depth range and you will score a limit if walleye for sure. If you can find where that depth intersects with flooded roads, rock piles, or deep timber, then you have a double whammy. Again, far east to far west, this pattern is holding up across the entire lake.

Northern Pike and Perch are also showing up in the same areas. The Perch have been big too when you find them. Many anglers are having success targeting them when they find them. Spinners or small jigs with a piece of crawler have been best for perch.

The white bass have still been a bit elusive, but are there. Casting small swim baits or crank baits have been best. A little wind seems to stack them up and make the easier to find. Look shallow.

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Fishing on Devils Lake is still red hot despite the cooler weather.

Walleye can be found on just about any type of structure in the lake. The humps and bumps in the Flats are producing fish. The "Old Lake Shore Line" is also producing fish in 28 to 30 feet of water. Weed beds and flooded roads are holding fish as well.

Spinners with a single hook and a Gulp! Killr Crawler or Gulp! Minnow has been my go to. White and Gold have been hot colors. Fish these along the edges of structure or weed lines and hold on tight. Lead Core and smaller crankbaits is another great option. #5 and #7 Flicker Shads in Whites and Perch colors are rock solid choices.

If you want to try for a few bigger fish try vertical jigging the deeper structure in the main lake with jigs and Gulp! Minnows. The bite is much slower, but during the most recent MWC tournament on Devils Lake, there were several big fish caught this way.

There are still a few perch coming incidentally while walleye fishing. I can only imagine if a good pan fish angler stopped and targeted them just how many they would catch.

Pike are all over the lake still and are also caught pretty regularly while walleye fishing.

The white bass have become a bit of a challenge this year. They are still here and when you find them they are big, but they can be hard to locate. The numbers are down a bit. Windswept shallow shorelines still seem to be the spots to look for. Crankbaits and jigs tipped with a twister tail are solid producers here.

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Just when you think it can't get any better, it seems too. Walleye Fishing on Devils Lake is simply incredible right now and there is no reason to think it will change much in the next few weeks.

No matter how you like to fish for walleye it is working right now. Casting #5 and #6 Berkley Flicker Shads and soft plastics like Berkley Ripple Shads is working very well along weed edges and wind-swept shore lines. A mud line seems to be a must if there are not weeds present. Colors that are working well include Fire Tiger, Pink Shine, and Blue Crusher, however, the right place is much more important than the right color.

Pulling bottom bouncers and spinners just outside of well defined weed edges is also working very well. Use a half a crawler or a Gulp! Killr Crawler for fast action. #3 Colorado and Indiana blades in gold, white or fire tiger have been the best.

Bobber fishing on off shore humps and near weed edges is another option. Small jigs or plain hooks tipped with leeches is the ticket. Keep you offering within a foot of the bottom for the best success.

The flooded roads of Devils Lake are just starting to take off. Trolling crank baits similar to the ones we are casting or trolling the same spinners and bouncers on the tops of these roads will produce. This bite should only get better as summer progresses.

The Northern Pike fishing is slowing up a bit, but they are still fairly abundant near the weeds. White Bass seem to be a bit tougher to come by this year, but can be found on windy shore lines and weed edges as well. We seem to be catching a few bonus perch each day as well. Mostly on the spinners, but a few have come casting crank baits as well.




Fishing remains simply awesome on Devils Lake. The weather may slow things down a bit at times, but the food bag is strapped on and everything is biting well.

Most activity is still happening in the bays off of the main body of water. Areas like Pelican Lake, Howard's Bay, New Mill Bay, Penny Bay, Black Tiger Bay and Brown's Bay are all producing fish. You can catch them just about any way you would like as well. The weeds are growing fast and are becoming the major ingredient to success.

Walleye fishing is as good as it gets on Devils Lake right now. Casting #5 Flicker Shads or Shad Raps over the deeper weeds or Rapala Eskos or Husky Jerks over the shallower weeds is producing well. Color doesn't seem to matter much. Fire Tiger, Chrome/Blue, and Perch are solid choices.

Trolling Bottom Bouncers and Gulp! Killr Crawlers along the edges of the weeds is also producing many nice catches. Small spinners or Slow Death Hooks are working. The weed edge is between 8 and 10 feet. Stay just outside the weeds and hold on.

Bobbers with leeches are also a great way if the fish turn a bit negative. Cast until you see a follow or two, then set up camp with the bobbers.

The pike are everywhere, no need to tell you how to catch them. Trust me, you will catch them.

White Bass are hit and miss. Windy shorelines are key and staying on them has been difficult. When you find them, expect to catch 20 or so before they move on. Small crank baits and jigs are equally effective.

This bite will last a while. Water temps are in the upper 60s. Things will not change much until we see temps in the 70s.

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What a difference a year makes. The spring never sprung and my travel schedule has kept me on the road instead on the water. When I started fishing, it has been non-stop with guide clients.

The fishing has been very good the past week and is getting better with each summer like day. There are fish in a variety of places. They seem to be hungry and hitting many different presentations.

The best walleye bite I have found for numbers would be on the humps in the main parts of the lake. These are off shore structure that normally are July and August hot spots. My best luck has been between 15 and 18 feet of water. Slip Bobbers with plain hook or Nuckle Ball jigs tipped with leeches has been the best.

Another good number bite would be pulling spinners in the back bays. Berkley Flicker Rigs of just about any color tipped with a half of crawler or a Gulp! Kill'r Crawler has taken many limits for us this past week. Stay just outside the old weed line. 8 to 10 feet of water seems to be the best.

The last good bite for Walleye is not so much for numbers of fish, but for larger one. Casting crankbaits and soft plastics to shallow windswept shore lines has been incredible with the right conditions. If there is no wind or if the sun is out, forget this. The water is gin clear and we can see bottom in ten feet of water in some areas of the lake. That makes fishing shallow a tough go. #5 Flicker Shads and Shad Raps in all colors have been the most consistent crankbaits. For soft plastic, try the Berkley Ripple Shad or the Havoc Beat Shad. Both have been producing well.

As for areas of the lake to try, I have caught fish from one end of the lake to the other. Pelican Lake is the go to spot this time of year, but is crowded with anglers and the pike seem to be out of control there. The Walleye are big, but you have to catch 20 pike for each eye some days. The Minnewaukon Flats have turned out some nice eaters. East Devils Lake has been a pleasant surprise for me this spring. I have caught numbers of fish in Brown Bay and found nicer sized walleye in the main parts of East Devils Lake.

Now that the season in going full guns, there will be regular reports. My apologies for the delay in getting started this spring.

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My sincerest apologies for the lack of a report; it has been way too long. This will be the last open water report of the year. The weather forecast looks like ice fishing will be upon us sooner than later.

The fishing was rock solid this fall and will be until the lake freezes. The two patterns that emerge every fall are trolling rocky/hard bottom structure and jigging near the bridges. Both are producing very well.

For trolling, any are of the lake is good, but look for rocky structure or flooded roads. Use larger than normal crank baits like #7 and #9 Flicker Shads in white or perch colors and get them near the bottom. Speed can vary from day to day but 1.8 to 2.0 MPH is a good starting spot. The depth of structure will determine how to get them down, but FireLine or lead core are great options.

At the bridges, jigs and minnows are all you need. Quarter or three eights ounce Nuckle Ball jigs tipped with a fat head minnow or a piece of Gulp! will get you a limit of eater sized eyes in no time flat. I have the best luck fishing the up wind side of the bridge. It is not nearly as comfortable, but the action more than makes up for it.

I don't ice fish a lot, but if I get on a good ice fishing bite, I will report it here. Check in later. Thanks for reading.

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A lot has happened and changed since my last report. I am sorry for the delay.

On Labor Day weekend, Jay Hagen, Jon Becker, and I competed in and won the first ever Rock the Lake Walleye, White Bass and Pike tournament in Minnewaukan, ND. We weighed our limit of two of each species for a total of 25.25 pounds. The Walleye were caught both trolling and casting, the White Bass were on a windy shore line and the Pike came on dead bait behind a bottom bouncer while we pitched for other fish.

Since then, the water temperature has dropped dramatically. It is in the high 50s now. Things are changing and the weeds are dying. The fish are moving to more traditional walleye structure and getting a bit easier to find. The size is increasing as well.

The best presentation now is trolling crank baits. #7 and #9 Flicker Shads in Whites or Fire Tiger colors have been hot. Salmo Hornets and Reef Runners are working too. Find some rock structure in 15 to 25 feet of water and you will be successful.

The fall bite is here and will last through the remaining open water season.

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There is a hint of fall in the air here in Devils Lake and the fish are acting more like fall is here every day. The water temps are near or a bit below the 70 degree mark now and if they continue to fall, the fishing will just keep getting better and better.

For now, the old lake shoreline is the key to catching walleye. 25 to 30 feet of water is where the oldest shoreline of Devils Lake eroded away to clean rock and gravel. There are many fish relating to this structure. The area along Hwy 57 near Ft Totten, north 6 Mile Bay, Doc Hagens and any other prominent point is producing fish in that depth range.

Spinners and Gulp! is still my go to, however, trolling lead core line and small crankbaits has produced some nicer fish. Smaller lures like #4 and #5 are catching the numbers of fish, but the new #9 has caught a few whoppers this week.

White bass are still around. Look shallow along windblown rocks and weeds. We got a few over 18 inches last week.

Northern Pike are just about anywhere, but seem to be a bit tougher to catch. Some look at that as a good thing, but crankbaits have been catching more than the spinners.

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Fishing is still incredible here on Devils Lake. 100 fish days, all be them small, are still happening and will continue for a while.

Walleye are still hitting spinners and Gulp! with regularity. The colors depend on the day. If it is sunny, shinny colors are better. On the cloudy days, painted colors seem to be the best. Half a crawler is all that is needed along with a single hook. The Berkley Pinched Crawler or the new Killer Crawler is all I have used in over a month. No live bait to keep alive.

Depths and areas are all over the board. Birkland Point in East Bay has been good between 20 and 25 feet of water. The rip-rap of Hwy 57 is good between 25 and 30 feet of water. The rail road grade in Pelican Lake is good in 10 to 12 feet of water; all pulling spinners.

We have caught some nicer fish pitching crankbaits to weed beds also. #5 and #7 Flicker Shads and 14oz Nuckle Ball jigs tipped with 3 inch Berkley Ripple Shads are working great for that.

The pike are thinning out a bit, but you still get a few each day. Have not seen any white bass for a while, but we were getting a few mixed in while looking for shallower walleye.

There is plenty of good fishing left. The next three months are my favorite times to be on Devils Lake.

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Game on!!! If you ever wanted to catch 100 walleye in a day, now is the time to come to Devils Lake, ND. Bring lots of bait, you will need it.

The bobber bite is in full swing. Find an area shallower than the surrounding water and sit there. It won't take long to know if the fish are around. Many times when the bobber stop hits the bobber, it just keeps going. Areas that have been good are Maddock Ridge, Haley's Hump, and Chicken Ridge (AKA Clint's Hump). There are others too. Leeches on a small jig seem to work the best.

Bottom bouncers and spinners are taking their share of fish as well. Hammered gold or the new Pink Shine Berkley Flicker Rigs seem to be the hot colors. Perch is a great choice as well. Half a crawler is all you need and it helps the bait last longer too. Gulp! Crawlers or Fry and the new Killer Crawler are great options if you don't want to deal with live bait in the heat. The Ft. Totten area is turning on pretty good now. Depths from 15 to 30 feet are producing; you just have to try them all till you find the depth for the day.

There is still a shallow pitching bite too. #5 Pearl White (mouse) Flicker Shads were the hot ticket this week. Any areas with weeds or cat tails were good. Even better if the wind was blowing in. I had great luck near the Mauvais Coulee this week.

Some anglers are beginning to have great success pulling smaller crank baits on lead core as well. The fish are transitioning to deeper water with the hot weather. The old lake bed shoreline is about 26 feet deep and is the thing the fish seem to key on. Just point the boat and go until you locate a school of hungry eyes. Trust me, it won't take long.

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Life is good at Devils Lake, ND. The Walleye are biting and folks are happy.

My last report mentioned weeds, and that is still the case if you want it to be. The best weed edge bite I know if is on the south side of the RR Grade in Pelican Lake. 10 to 12 feet of water, a hammered gold spinner and a half a crawler. Hard to miss there. Any weed edge will produce fish.

The Golden Highway is starting to show how it got its name. The top is about 18 feet deep and the walleye are there. Lots of action and some days the fish are pretty good size. Took a couple of 5 pounders there this week. Spinners are the ticket again. The Gulp! Killer Crawler has been producing well and is much easier in the heat than trying to keep the real thing alive.

The pitching bit is good still too. It is amazing how shallow some of the fish are in the heat we have had. Pitching 1/8th oz Nuckle Ball jigs with 3 inch Ripple Shads into one foot of water has been incredible. Cat Tail edges seem to be best for this. White is by far the best color.

The Pike action has slowed. That is good for my tackle box. The white bass are still biting and seem to be large this year. Winchester Island had some tanks on it yesterday. 3 over 17 inches came from there on #5 Flicker Shads.

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If there is one word for this report, it is WEEDS. The aquatic vegetation is alive and well and very near the surface of Devils Lake. Find the edge of it or fish over the top of it where you can and it is GAME ON!!!

The deep weed edge seems to be between 8 and 10 feet depending on where you are. If you drag a bottom bouncer and spinner around near the edge of the weeds, it will not take long to catch a walleye. Using a half of a crawler is all that is needed. If you don't like messing with crawlers, Berkley Gulp! is just as effective. Try the 3 inch Fry or the new Killr Crawler. They are working great on spinners and on Slow Death hooks. The best Spinner colors seem to be perch colors or whites.

If you like to cast, that bite is still good too. Casting #5 and #6 Flicker Shads to deep weed edges is productive. If you can find shallower areas of cat tails that you can still cast to, the Scheels exclusive Team Esko is working very well. Purple Tiger, White Fire Tiger are all great color choices as well.

There is a deeper bite beginning to develop too. The deeper rock areas and flooded roads have fish showing up better and better each day. Trolling Lead Core and crank baits or dragging spinners are great options for this.

Pike and White Bass are still going strong too. Windy shores are holding the Bass and you can't seem to get away from the Pike. We even got a nice Perch this week too.

Out of town at Lake Winnebago for a week, check back after the 4th of July for my next report.

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The fishing on Devils Lake is rock solid. The Pike and Bass fishing is off the chart and the walleye fishing continues to get better. Weather can always dictate tougher conditions, but hard work will always pay off.

The Pike are everywhere. Just get shallow and start casting. Any size, any shape, any color; they will eat it. Hundred fish days are pretty common right now.

White Bass are just wrapping up the spawn and pretty easy to catch once you find them. I got on a nice school near the Stump Lake outlet last Thursday. It was a fish every cast for hours. Windblown shorelines seem to be the key.

The Walleye bite has been a bit tougher than the other species, but it seems that by the end of an 8 hour day a limit is pretty common now. It is hard work and sorting through the Pike and Bass gets frustrating, but it has to happen. Everything is together right now. Emerging weed growth seems to be holding a lot of fish. Casting over the tops or along the edges of the weeds is producing well. Look for stained water or fish the windy side of the lake. The water is very clear and getting close is tough.

Depending on water depth, #5 Flicker Shads and #5 Shad Raps are good choices. If the weeds are taller, then try the Scheels Exclusive Team Esko from Rapala. Jigs seem to fish well through the weed tops also. Quarter and eighth ounce Fin Tech Nuckle Ball Jigs with Berkley Ripple Shads are working well in that scenario.

Some areas that have produced for me lately are the Stump Lake Outlet area, the South Shore of East Devils Lake, north of the RR tracks in Pelican Lake, the coulee west of Old Hwy 281 north of Minnewaukon, and the north end of 6 Mile Bay.

You can tell by the pictures, it was a great week for big fish too!!!!!

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The weather this past week made life very interesting on Devils Lake. The wind picked up and the temperature dropped. We actually had lows in the 30s. That slowed the fishing a bit.

The walleye are still catchable, but it is not easy. Shallow still seems to be working. Casting small crankbaits and jigs is taking a few fish. Color does not seem to matter.

Look for the warmest water and the wind blowing in. Clean gravel or back bays seem to be the key areas.

The pike are still going crazy. The weather did not slow them at all.

White Bass are beginning to show now. Channel A and Browns Bay are both holding a fair number of whites. They hit anything, but a white Gulp! Jigging Grub seems to be all you need.

Off to Mille Lacs Lake this week for an MWC tournament. It will be a bit until my next report.

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Fishing right now is incredible, especially if you like Northern Pike. They are biting like the White Bass do a month from now. It is simply amazing how many you can catch in a day. Berkley Ripple Shads just tear them up!!!

The Walleye are coming mixed in with the Pike at a ratio of about 20 Pike for each Walleye. Some days it is even worse than that. The Walleye we are catching are nice. 18 to 22 inches is common right now. #5 crank baits like the Berkley Flicker Shad are working well.

I found more Walleye and less Pike in the main lake areas. The bays are loaded with Pike and a Walleye every now and then. Cast the windy shore lines and look for warmer water. The best areas are where the boat is in 7 to 8 feet of water and you are barely able to reach the shore with a long cast.

I am traveling this weekend but back at the fishing Monday. Look for a report later in the week.

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We finally got on the water this week and all I can say is the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I took the kids from Lake Region State College up to Pelican Lake and we had a blast. The pike and walleye were on fire yesterday. Shallow rocks in 5 feet of water or less was the ticket. The lures of choice were 1/4 oz Nuckle Ball jigs with 3 in Berkley Ripple Shad bodies. The color did not matter at all.

The early spring we had has not seemed to change the fishing at all. This is very typical of early may. The spawn is right on schedule as the makes we caught were all milking.

The fishing reports may be a bit sporadic the next week or two as I am still traveling a ton. I will post new reports as often as I can get on the water.

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This will be my last fishing report of the year, but it will not be the end of my fall fishing. Things just do not change enough at this time to keep reporting.

Not much has changed since the last report. Pelican Lake is still my destination of choice. There is a new ramp there now. Trolling is working the best for me. Leadcore line and larger shad baits are working the best. #7 Flicker Shads in Ghost White and Hot Tiger (both Scheels exclusives) and #7 RS Shad Raps in Glass White and Perch have been my best lures. Salmo Hornets are working as well as Jointed Shad Raps in similar colors.

FireLine with deeper diving baits like Reef Runners and Deep Tail Dancers will catch some fish, but they are not working as well as the Shad baits. Jigs and Gulp! have caught a few too.

There are also good fish to be had trolling the Golden Highway as well as pitching crank baits to shallow rocky structures around the lake.

It is tough to get eating size fish. It has been a lot of catch and release lately, but that is fun too.

Enjoy the fall bite!!! This will last until the ice stops us from getting there.

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Things are getting better by the day; however, weather can still slow the bite.

Trolling #7 Shad style baits on lead core is still working well. If you don't have lead core, long lining with FireLine can get you deep enough too. Flicker Shads and RS Shad Raps are working well. So are Salmo Hornets and Jointed Shad Raps. It seems that any color will work, but perch or white stands out by the end of the day.

The fish seem to be on average a bit larger than what we saw this summer. 18 to 22 inches is pretty common now and a few monsters are coming each day.

Pelican Lake is hot and there is a brand new ramp there too. Water temps are holding steady in the mid 50s and there is no sign of the bite slowing. I am sure as temperatures drop, there will be a good jig and minnow bite coming.

For now, enjoy the fall; Big Walleye, Ducks and Geese, Grouse and Pheasants. Decisions, Decisions.



Fall is here and the fish are fired up, big time!

It was 10 days between my Devils Lake trips and in that time, the water temp had dropped nearly 20 degrees. On Saturday the temperature was 56 degrees.

The weeds are dying off and the fish are leaving them and heading toward their favorite fall locations. Our success came on deeper rock structure in Pelican Lake. Trolling #7 Flicker Shads and #5 Jointed Shad Raps produced modest numbers of fish, but the size was awesome. Fish averaged 20 inches and the largest of the weekend was a beautiful 28 incher. White and Hot Tiger were the best colors followed closely by Chrome and Blue.

This fishing is only going to get better as water temps continue to fall.

Big Fish, No Crowd, gotta love the fall.

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Talk about consistent fishing. That is Devils Lake for the last two months. Not much has changed at all. I am not sure that will stay the case, but let's enjoy it while it lasts.

Bottom bouncers and spinners till dominate the catches. Slow Death rigs are also working very well. Don't waste time with more than half a crawler, they just won't hit it. Actually, why even use a crawler? A 3 inch piece of a Gulp! crawler is all you need. Not much live bait in my boat the past two weeks.

Areas that are producing are the humps in Ft. Totten Bay, Stromme's, Birkland Point, The Golden Highway and Old 281. Depths vary from 12 to 30 feet of water. It is honestly hard to not catch fish right now.

There is a shallow water bite going too. Pitching cranks between weed beds and the cat tails can be good. It is hit and miss, but when you find them they are really nice fish. #5 Shad Raps and Flicker Shads as well as 3" Berkley Ripple Shads are producing there.

The water is starting to cool and the fall fishing bonanza is not too far away. Man, hard to choose, Grouse, Geese, Deer, or Fishing. I'll take the fishing!!!!

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Walleye Fishing continues to be red hot on Devils Lake. It is actually hard to find a place to not catch fish.

I have been spending most of my time pulling spinners and bottom bouncers. Colors really do not matter. Orange, Gold and Copper blades have been good, but so has everything else. Half a crawler is all you need. The last two days, I personally never used a crawler. Berkley Gulp! 3 inch Fry with about half an inch cut off has worked wonderfully and you can use the same one most of the day.

My best area has been near Ft. Totten. Water depths form 18 to as deep as 40 feet have produced fish. The Golden Highway is still producing as is Birkland Point in East Bay.

There are some larger fish shallow, but the bite is much slower. It needs wind and is early in the day or just at sunset. Casting #5 Shad Raps and Flicker Shads in areas where there are not many weeds has produced some nicer fish. White and Bleak are the colors for me.

Be ready for some excitement, twice this week I had pike attack my walleye on the way to the boat. Gets the heart thumping for sure.

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Two tournaments got in the way of recent reports, but I have been home for a while now and the fishing is incredible.

Not much has changed in the last month. Anglers need to decide what they want from their day; numbers or size. Right now, it seems to be impossible to do both.

For numbers, bottom bouncers and spinners are the trick. Areas that are rocking are the Golden Highway, Ft. Totten Point, Camp Grafton, The Storm Sewers, and Birkland Point. Use half a crawler or a leech and you will have success. #3 blades in Colorado or Indianas are working. Slow death gets 'em when nothing else will. Colors change from day to day. Silvers, Golds, Perches and whites have all been good.

For larger fish, look for shoreline with the wind blowing in. Cleaner banks have been better than those with weeds. However, if you can find cabbage, you will find walleye. Areas in Ft Totten Bay, East Bay, and East Devils Lake have had shallow fish. The wind helps a lot, but there have been some fish caught without any. It is much slower when calm. #5 and #7 Shad Raps and Flicker Shads have been the go to lures. Bleak, Silver/Blue, and Purpledescent have been the best. I have had some great luck on a custom painted White Bass #5 Shad Rap form Dutch Fork Custom Tackle as well.

Things will only get better as fall approaches. Keep checking in for more reports.

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It was a fun week to be on Devils Lake. It took hard work, but limits came 5 days in a row and all from Different areas of the lake.

Early in the week, the flats produced good catches. The Minnewaukan Lagoon as well as Maddock Ridge produced fish on bobbers. With an east wind, old 281 put out some nice fish casting #5 Shad Raps and Flicker Shads. Bleak and Blue Tiger were the best two colors.

The weekend moved us to East Bay and things went well there too. The White Bass fishing was incredible near the overflow to Stump Lake. A fish every cast. The walleye bit well in Hay Bale Bay casting cranks. #5 Shad Raps and Flicker Shads in the same colors as above were great choices. When the sun went away, crawdad and perch turned on. We caught a few nicer fish on Eskos as well.

I hate to ask for it, but wind is a necessary evil for the shallower bite to be good. When it was calm, we had to use bait and go deeper.

I will be gone for the next two weeks. This week it is ICAST in Las Vegas. The next week is the MWC in Mobridge, SD. My next report will be August 1st. I am sure a lot will change by then.

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Fishing this past week proved to be some of the best of the year so far.

The fish are still shallow, 4 to 7 feet of water seems to be the best. If the wind is blowing, casting crank baits (#5 Shad Raps and Flicker Shads) or swim baits (Ripple Shads or Mimic Minnows) is working well. If it is calm go to the slip bobbers with leeches.

Areas that produced good catches were the old RR tracks in Pelican Lake, the 101 Ranch on Grahams Island, and East Lake Road in East Devils Lake.

When casting lures, be prepared to catch a ton of pike. Many of them are small, but there are plenty of nice ones mixed in. The white bass seem to be more plentiful in the eastern part of the lake.

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The past week had me fishing the main lake in preparation for the MWC event. Fishing was good when the weather was bad. We had several nice catches pitching to shallow windblown shorelines. #5 Shad Raps, #5 Flicker Shads and #7 and #9 Countdown Rapalas were great producing cranks. ¼ oz Nuckle Ball Jigs with 3 inch Berkley Ripple Shad bodies were also great performers. Bleak was unstoppable as well as Pearl White for the plastics. Areas that produced fish for me were Knutson's Bay, Blue Bill Point and the 101 Ranch.

When the weather got nice, things changed. Most of the good tournament catches came from pitching weeds. Either cat tails or cabbage beds were the ticket. From listening to the weigh in, the same lures mentioned above produced well. My best weed bad was in Golden Pond.

The winners uncovered a new thing here at Devils Lake. They were trolling #5 Flicker Shads in 4 feet of water along the construction area of HWY 57. The constant commotion of the road project kept the water dirty and put the fish there in a feeding frenzy. They weight 10 fish for over 30 pounds to win both the MWC and the Devils Lake Chamber Tournament.

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Fishing is steadily improving, as long as the weather does. The past week brought steady weather and great catches of walleye and pike. The Pike are everywhere, so be prepared to catch a ton of them. Walleye are a little tougher to locate, but once you do, life will be good.

Shallow windy shorelines still seem to be the answer, but there are some fish beginning to appear in deeper waters off shore.

Bleak #5 Shad Raps were the hot ticket this week, but in some deeper areas, #5 RS Shad Raps worked very well. At times, the 3 inch Ripple Shad was phenomenal as well. Pearl White ruled there.

Areas that produced the best were No Fish Bay and the shorelines near the Gap. There are some fish being caught west of Old Hwy 281, but use caution crossing the flooded highway.

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Things are changing and it seems for the better. For a few days this past week, fishing got pretty tough. It was hard to find any concentration of walleye. The past few days, it is the exact opposite.

The water temperature on the main lake has reached the high 50s and even low 60s in places and the walleye are transitioning to the main lake. Find a nice windy shoreline with clean water and you will have a blast. Casting lures like #5 Shad Raps, #5 Flicker Shads, and #7 Countdown Rapalas will put fish in the boat. Bleak, Firetiger, and Perch all caught fish for us the past few outings. Shorelines near the Mauvais Coulee all seemed to have fish on them.

The bobber fishing is picking up too. Chicken Ridge and the Mauvais Coulee trees produced a few nice catches over the weekend. Smaller leeches and plain hooks, not jigs, produced the best. I am sure that is a day to day thing, so try it all.

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It is that time of year when you never know what will be there when you set the hook. This week we spent most of our time in East Devils Lake and the fishing was incredible.

The catches were all mixed bags. The walleye fishing was good, the pike fishing ok, and the white bass were incredible. Pitching to windy shorelines was the key again. The more wind the shallower the fish. The area near the outlet to Stump Lake was good as well as the Kirks Refuge area. A few walleye came from flooded roads in East Devils Lake as well. Every road had at least a fish or two.

The Berkley Ripple Shads still amaze me at what they catch. This week the #5 Shad Raps turned on in a big way. Hot Steel and Bleak were the best colors by far.

a a



Spring fishing on Devils Lake can be incredible and it is finally getting to that point. The lake looks completely different with the two new feet of water we have gotten this spring. Once you get past that and look for the right conditions the fish will be there.

The key this week was warmer water. Water temps above 56 degrees produced fish. Temps below that did not produce as well. Fishing windblown shorelines made a difference as well. Look for gravely areas with or without cat tails or flooded timber.

Casting was the technique that worked the best. Crankbaits and soft plastics were both productive. Bone White Storm Thunder Cranks in size 6 and 3 inch Fire Tiger Ripple Shads on quarter ounce Nuckle Ball jigs were by far the top producers. The fish seemed to come by keeping the boat in 8 feet of water and casting near the shore. Most of the bites happened in 5 to 6 feet of water.

Eaters were harder to come by than fish over 20 inches. This is not uncommon for Devils Lake at this time of year. Please be responsible and release the larger fish and keep the smaller ones for dinner.

If this week was any indication, Devils Lake will be a lot of fun again this year.